We specialise in exquisite cakes and desserts with our unique aesthetic.

ROCCA DESSERT STUDIO 是在 ROCCA Pâtisserie 的基礎上重新出發並成立的甜點工作室及空間,專注於創作精緻蛋糕甜品,持續追求極致美味;融合法式甜點傳統與現代美感,呈現出我們的獨特個性和美學。我們將不設界限與形式,為大家帶來難忘的視覺及味覺體驗。

ROCCA DESSERT STUDIO is a brand new pastry & studio space established based on the concept of ROCCA Pâtisserie, specialised in exquisite cakes and desserts. With our unique aesthetic, we experiment with flavors and textures to provide you with the most luxurious visual and tasting experience.